Health Law & Life Sciences News 

Health Law & Life Sciences News 

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Bloomberg Law’s extensive network of reporters and editors helps you stay ahead of legal and business developments – and mitigate risk – in health care and pharmaceuticals and life sciences. Health Law & Life Sciences News, the nation’s most objective and informative health law and life sciences resource, is relied on by legal, compliance, and industry professionals, alerting them of developments in courts, Congress, agencies, industry, and related organizations.

Coverage includes:

  • Legislative and regulatory developments
  • Court and administrative decisions
  • Industry developments and compliance news
  • Government policies and enforcement priorities
  • Enforcement actions
  • Industry trends
  • And much more

Special features include:

  • Bloomberg Law Insights from leading experts, providing perspectives on new and emerging issues
  • Real-time updates of legal decisions, providing updates of health law, pharmaceuticals, and life sciences developments of importance to your business or clients
  • First Move℠ email, previewing major developments for the day ahead
  • Highlights email, an editorially curated summary of the day’s news stories delivered each afternoon
  • Alert email, a user-defined, custom email sent at a time and frequency you choose on topics you select.

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